Volkswagen Offers Cash to Appease Consumers

According to Reuters, Volkswagen announced on Monday that it will offer a $1,000 cash package to certain U.S. diesel vehicle owners affected by the emissions scandal.

The move is the automaker’s latest attempt to appease owners who have been frustrated by depreciating car values and how VW has not announced any plans to fix the cars. As part of the package, VW is offering a $500 Visa card and a $500 dealership card that can only be used at participating Volkswagen dealers. The package also includes three years of free roadside assistance services.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey responded that the consumer package is “insultingly inadequate” and “a fig leaf attempting to hide the true depths of Volkswagen’s deception.” Attorneys General from 47 states also reacted by issuing statements on Monday saying the German automaker’s offer “in no way diminishes the seriousness of the deceptive practices and environmental harms” being investigated by the states.

After the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice letter to VW in mid-September, the company admitted to installing in certain model vehicles illegal software to cheat U.S. emissions laws. The number of affected diesel vehicles sold in the U.S. totals around 500,000 but that number could grow as the EPA continues to investigate. The diesel vehicles affected by the cheating software include:

Since VW’s mid-September announcement, lawsuits are being filed across the nation on behalf of those who own or lease one of the affected model vehicles.

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