Schlichter Bogard Case Featured in ProPublica Article Investigating Loopholes in Safety Reporting

ProPublica has featured a Schlichter Bogard case in a story about the lack of scrutiny surrounding railroad safety data, after previously highlighting a separate Schlichter Bogard case in 2023.

Engineer Scotty Bragg, who Schlichter Bogard represented in his case against his employer, BNSF, is referenced in the article. As the article reports, Mr. Bragg was injured while operating a BNSF train in November 2021. After encountering rough track and experiencing significant jostling, Mr. Bragg sustained substantial injuries to his neck, back and spine, requiring surgery. After BSNSF denied that Mr. Bragg was injured while working, Schlichter Bogard ultimately obtained a settlement.

The ProPublica article goes on to investigate unreported worker injuries and deaths within the railroad industry, revealing a pattern of concealment and negligence by railroads, despite federal regulations mandating reporting. It additionally highlights loopholes allowing railroads to avoid accountability, prompting calls for stricter oversight and penalties to ensure worker safety.

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