Scott Morgan Appointed to Elmiron Leadership Team of “Highly Skilled Counsel”

A federal judge has approved a leadership team of 25 lawyers – including Schlichter Bogard & Denton attorney Scott Morgan – to lead approximately 140 lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of pharmaceutical drug Elmiron. Plaintiffs allege that the drug, prescribed for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, causes severe eye problems.

In an order on Friday, January 22, U.S. District Judge Brian Martinotti of the District of New Jersey approved a roster of attorneys from prominent law firms across the United States, adding that the team demonstrates “an array of highly skilled counsel with diverse backgrounds and experience,” accomplishing a goal “of introducing new and different counsel to this specialty area of practice.”

“I’m looking forward to serving with this diverse group of skilled attorneys in advancing this action on behalf of our clients, individuals who were injured by a drug that was sold to heal,” said Mr. Morgan.

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